An Experienced Medical Team for Cancer Therapy and Care

For nearly 16 years, Lake Norman Oncology has served the local community with quality and personalized cancer therapy and care. Our doctors are board certified and remain on the cutting edge of medical research and technology to deliver the highest quality care for the region. They are active on the national level as well, working for better options for cancer therapy patients and their families.

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Cancer Therapy and Care Team
We specialize in Cancer Therapy and Care

Compassionate Care

We have assembled a team of the most compassionate oncology professionals who have earned a reputation for excellence in cancer care and diseases of the blood. We offer a multidisciplinary approach and coordinate your plan of care with other cancer specialists, including cancer surgeons and radiation oncologists, to deliver the best combination of cancer therapies.

We Love Hearing From Our Patients!

  • “The care at this office exceeded my needs and expectations. Keep up the great work!!”

  • “I love the doctors at Lake Norman Oncology for their compassion and real concern for patients. The knowledge of the oncologists was very impressive.”

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